Find Out What’s On Your Midterm Election Ballot

Tiani Jadulang

Ballots are arriving in mailboxes across Riverside County for the upcoming Midterm Elections. With so many important races and propositions,the items you’re voting on may soon confusing

With election day just three weeks away, voters are asking several questions about what’s on the ballot.

I spoke with the political director of the democratic headquarters of the desert, Elle Kurpiewski, on how to better understand your ballot.

The Midterm Election ballots are two pages long, front and back filled with candidates, propositions, and judges to vote for. 

“Everyone has a vote by mail taking place now in the state of California which we’re delighted about. However people can go to the polls if they know they’re not comfortable with that” says Kurpiewski on this year’s Midterm Elections.

Those seeking more information on the candidates can be sure to check out the general election Official Voter Information Guide. Kurpiewski says there will be a lot of reading, but it will give voters reasons as to why they should vote for each candidate, same goes when voting for propositions. 

“Prior to the ballot arriving you will receive a booklet that will explain who the candidates are and where their positions are… and then it’s up to you to do your civic duty” Kurpiewski states.

In the State of California, during Midterm Elections, voters will vote for the governor, state races, congressional races, and local elections.

Many voters may be confused with long lists of names and candidates, in that case Kurpiewski advises voters to do their own research online to decide who would best fit their values.

“Plenty of available things get on the internet and try and find an unbiased source which I know is kind of tough to do these days… but definitely participate.” says Andrew Kelner, who’s visiting from Chicago, Illinois. 

Other valley residents said they gathered their voting information elsewhere.

“Looking at the positions and looking at the summaries that the press have done is good… or go to websites, but also school boards and judges, we really don’t know those people very well so for them… I would look for more information and get the endorsement of a party…”

Aside from candidates, propositions, and judges, the main emphasis coming from valley members was to get voters to do their duty and vote during this election cycle. For more information or questions about midterm elections, voters can head to the County of Riverside’s Registrar of Voters. 

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