One Local Senior Center Pushes For COVID Boosters

Tiani Jadulang

UPDATE: The Health Expo runs today, October 26, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

With holiday gatherings around the corner, there’s concern about a possible winter COVID outbreak.

Now, one local senior center is working to get boosters to high risk communities.

Data released just last week shows that less than 10 % of the eligible population has received the updated COVID-19 booster shot. This slow uptake causes concern for the country as we head into a possible winter surge of COVID cases along with a possible rise in influenza and RSV cases.

“If you’re relying on a vaccine you got six months or nine months ago or an infection you got a year ago. to get you through this fall and winter. there’s a pretty high likelihood that the new sub variants are going to escape immunity from that” says Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House’s Coronavirus response correspondent. 

Much of the concern is for the older community. According to the CDC only 72% of seniors who have received their first two primary shots have also received their first booster shot. 

“Not enough people are getting it, we’ve got to change that. so we can all have a safe and healthy holiday season.” says President Biden after receiving his additional booster, Tuesday Morning.

Closer to home, options are available.

“Tomorrow is our annual health fair and flu shot and now COVID vaccine clinic will probably have about 30 vendors.” says the Executive Director of the Joslyn Center, Jack Newby.

The Joslyn Center is hosting their 2022 health and fitness day health expo tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their center in Palm Desert, it will offer seniors both flu and COVID-19 boosters. No appointments needed.

The health expo will also include vendors for clients and valley members to use if they have any additional health related questions.

“We have done now through the COVID pandemic, a number of vaccination clinics for that. so we’re wanting to make sure we take care of the health of our community and the people we serve here at the Joslyn Center.” Newby states.

The newest bivalent booster will be available for those who attend the health expo at the Joslyn Center tomorrow from 9 am to 1 p.m.

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