DAP’s Health And Wellness Pavilion

Tiani Jadulang

DAP is one of the Coachella Valley’s great resources for health care.

DAP shows that it takes its mission to keep as many people as possible, healthy and safe.

“Today, we cut the ribbon to launch pride….” says CEO of DAP Health, David Brinkman.

Brinkman supported Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton as she did the honors of officially opening the Health and Wellness Pavilion for Pride weekend.

In one location, DAP has two tents dedicated to health.

The front tent, focusing on fun… for the mind and body, offering yoga classes, country line dancing, and sound baths.

Behind the fun, in the second tent, is a more serious approach to health with something new this year, known as the Recovery Oasis.

“One of them is our Recovery Oasis tent, where we have 12 step programs and speakers running all week long… then we have the tent that we’re in right now. Just a whole curriculum of diverse classes and workshops and fun activities… but also we have an opportunity to get the vaccine, as well as HIV testing.” says Brinkman.

Brinkman says DAP’s involvement is a reminder for the Coachella Valley that DAP Health has been a large part of LGBTQ health equity, for nearly four decades.

“We hear a lot about people coming to Pride and feeling isolated and alone… and so we wanted to program something, if you’re new to the community and you want to meet new friends, it’s a really easy way to do it.”  the director of community development, Steve Henke states.

Henke says the Recovery Oasis brings a new experience to Pride.

“In the Recovery Oasis, a separate space exclusively for the recovery community. You know, the LGBTQ recovery community in greater Palm Springs is so big… and there is a meeting happening almost every hour. I don’t think people know that.” Henke says about the LGBTQ recovery community in Palm Springs.

Henke stresses the importance of accepting others, and yourself.

“I know that the journey from living in a closet to being your authentic self is sometimes a really bumpy road. It’s sometimes a really trauma-filled road. And when you get to a place where you’re experiencing wellness, that is something I think we all can be proud of.” Henke states what he hopes for people, this Pride weekend experience.

The Health and Wellness Pavilion will run all weekend long, with a pause for the Pride Parade this Sunday. Both locals and visitors are welcome to join in and participate in all of the activities

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