Early Voting Reaction Ahead Of Election Day

Tiani Jadulang

Many voters will be rushing to the polls to cast their ballots. 

Early voting closes the evening of November 7, but some neighbors said they made sure to beat the rush this year.

“So I’ve done this three times, three elections. And it’s always a little slower on the first three days, election day is always a lot busier.” says Jeffrey Clarkson, an Election Officer in Rancho Mirage.

Clarkson says early voting has been quite slow and will probably remain so until Election day.

“I would say at least twice as many people just drop off their ballots than actually vote. A lot of older people who have mobility problems and such tend to come in and vote in person. and it’s good that it’s slower when they come in and vote in person because they need more time.” Clarkson adds.

The election officer voted in person, at a Rancho Mirage location where he’s working as an election officer. He says he feels as if he is participating more in the process when he uses the digital voting machine versus just dropping off his ballot in a box.

He adds that most voters drop off their ballots, making them feel more safe, knowing where their ballot is being dropped off. 

Gaylord Flynn, Lead Election Officer at the Palm Desert Community Center says both he and his wife dropped off their vote-by-mail ballot at a Palm Desert location. 

“I know some of the safeguards they put in if they can’t match my signatures and stuff like that, they can look back to every signature I’ve had for any voter registration or DMV renewal they’ve had for the last 15 or 20 years so they can verify the does meet does not mean they’re going to send it to be checked out.” says Flynn on the safety precautions election officers ensure with each and every ballot.

Residents like Kenny Kates, chose to vote in person, because of the convenience, and familiarity of the location.  

“I chose to vote in person because I had my ballot, but I wanted to make sure it got in because it’s close to the day.” says Kates.

One thing both election officers were sure to emphasize was the inflow of voters that will swarm the polls on election day. They warn voters to vote early if they can, to beat any lines ahead of election day. 

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