Local Democratic Candidates React to Election Results

Carmela Karcher

Positive energy and sighs of relief.

That’s what local Democratic candidates are feeling the day after the election as the results continue to trickle in.

“We’re right on track, right where we want to be, and we expect to win this race,” Democratic State Assembly 47th District Candidate, Christy Holstege, shared.

“We know it’s going to be a close race,” Democratic Candidate for the 41st Congressional District, Will Rollins, said. “This looks like a really strong lead and I’m confident that when all the votes are counted, we’re gonna win this race.”

Wednesday evening, the Associated Press confirmed incumbent Dr. Raul Ruiz retains his position over Republican Candidate Brian Hawkins.

Election night, Dr. Ruiz hosted a watch party in Indio where he took the time to thank voters for their support for nearly the last decade.

“We’re feeling really good,” Dr. Raul Ruiz, representative for California’s 25th Congressional District, shared. “It was a very good night for the campaigns here in the desert. It’s always so humbling to see how many people volunteer and make calls, knock on doors, stuff the envelopes and really believe in the movement that I started here in 2012. The celebration was really for them.”

Over on the west side of the valley in Palm Springs, two candidates, Christy Holstege and Will Rollins, came together in a joint watch party and celebrated their early success.

“You’re gonna see me roll up my sleeves, hopefully, and get to work for everyone, deliver resources to our community and get good policies to make sure everyone in this district can achieve the California Dream,” Holstege continued. “That’s what it’s all about.”

“It felt great to be standing with so many other people who feel just as optimistic as I do about the future of the United States and our ability to restore compromise and civility in this country,” Rollins said.

As the results are leaning blue, the democrats already have their eyes on the future.

“I am flying to Sacramento tomorrow and hopefully convening with the Democratic caucus on Thursday,” Holstege said. “I have orientation so I’m not missing a beat just getting to work.”

“When I win, one of the first things I want to do in January is go out to Republican clubs across this congressional district and sit down with some of the people who didn’t vote for me and hear them out,” Rollins continued. “I think that’s what a member of Congress should do. We work for you. It’s not the other way around.” 

“Well, the immediacy is to have a little kiddo time and enjoy some family time before I head back to Washington DC,” Ruiz said. “I want to thank the people of California’s 25th district for having faith in me and overwhelmingly select me to represent them. I will continue to fight for them and be a problem solver and bring home some results.”

The Democratic Headquarters of the Desert have since released a statement:

The Democratic Headquarters of the Desert salutes all our democrats who, it appears, were successful last night, particularly first time candidate and now Congressman Elect Will Rollins, our new Assembly District Member, Christy Holstege and incumbents Congressman Raul Ruiz and Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia. Will Rollins and his team, led by Campaign Manager Matt Gaze, ran an outstanding, laser focused campaign and should be commended for the energy, work and dedication they exhibited in challenging Ken Calvert.

All of us are proud of our candidates who ran clean, honest and successful campaigns. We are celebrating!!”

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