What To Know About Covered California’s Open Enrollment Period

Carmela Karcher

Knowing this year’s flu season is expected to be active and with the slow rise in COVID-19 cases, officials at Covered California are urging the uninsured to get insured.

Open enrollment for Covered California began on November 1st and ends on January 31st.

It provides four different types of health plans and each offers comprehensive benefits, ranging from preventative services at no cost to doctor’s visits, emergency care, behavior or mental health needs and more.

According to Covered California’s Executive Director, Jessica Altman, 90% of the people who are covered are receiving financial assistance.

Two-thirds of the people insured have access to a plan that would cost them $10 or less per month after financial help, all depending on household income.

Right now, out of the 1.1 million Californians who are uninsured, 157,000 greater Inland Empire residents are among them. 

“The message to those individuals is, it’s time to just take five minutes out of your day,” Altman said. “We have a quick calculator on our website,  coveredca.com, that lets you put in your basic information, what your household is, how much you make and see what you would qualify for. Just take those five minutes because healthcare may be more within reach than you know or think that it could be.”

If you want coverage to start on the first of the year, applicants will need to enroll in December.

Also on January 1st, Covered California will be celebrating its 10th open enrollment period.

Both Covered California and Medi-Cal use the same application so once you apply, you’ll find out which program you qualify for.

Some households can qualify for both.

For more information on Covered California and its application, click here.

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