Last Minute Christmas Shoppers Storm Valley Stores

Tiani Jadulang

Many people rushed to the stores today to do some last minute shopping before the big day arrived.

The stores are packed with locals trying to get their last-minute presents before visiting their loved ones.

I spoke with a couple of locals on how they’re preparing for this weekend.

“Usually ends up that way… we usually… yeah not usually last minute but it ends up that way yeah.” Cheryl Ayres, a Coachella Valley resident says about last-minute Christmas shopping.

Residents and visitors are storming valley shops today in search of the best last-minute Christmas presents, whether it be at the mall, or the Shops on El Paseo, everyone is on edge as the big day nears.

“I love El Paseo, the shops on El Paseo and then if not, yeah, you’ve got the mall and then beside some all you’ve got the Target center and the wine and more.”

Many people enjoy that last minute shopping rush, to find steals and deals.

“I always do stocking stuffers at the last minute, so I got all the stuff under the tree but the stockings are left.” says Kate Gaddis, a Coachella Valley resident.

While hundreds of people are out last minute shopping, many still fear the possibility of getting sick.

“Being extra cautious, and at the same time we’re enjoying friends and family and we’re testing before we go out.” La Quinta resident Audrey Reed says about her and her family.

Similarly, residents are staying away from the crowds and being aware of what could linger this holiday season.

“Well, I do feel like we need to be cautious, that’s for sure because it is raging right now. It’s bad so we’re trying to stay away from major crowds. Try to be outside eating if you can.” Ayres says.

While others are on to their traditional ways, not too worried about getting sick.

“Going back to old ways, I feel like it’s time for monitoring systems back to normal.” Gaddis says.

For many, finding a happy-medium, being both cautious yet still able to interact with both family and friends is what works for them.

“Kind of a little bit of caution. I mean, we’re all family that we know are kind of well, you know.” says Sonal Miller, a Yucca Valley resident, on being cautious this holiday season.

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