Slippery Roads Not Stopping Snow-Seekers In Idyllwild

Tiani Jadulang

Despite no road closures up Highway 74 towards Idyllwild, it’s still a road where drivers must be extra cautious rain or shine. 

Even with the snowy conditions, several drivers are still making their way up the Santa Rosa Mountain, and many are making sure they are taking the necessary precautions.

“Wasn’t too bad. It was raining the whole way, but then we got fog. Oh yeah, really intense, super, super intense. I want to say maybe about five feet of like visibility.” says Jossie and Jesus Avalos, visitors from Twentynine Palms. 

From end to end of the valley, road closures remain in place. 

The weather isn’t stopping many drivers from heading up Highway 74.

Rainy and cold weather can cause slippery conditions heading up, where things like chains are needed.

In this case, many came unprepared.

“No chains. We can stay a couple of extra nights if we have to so.” says Riley Frakes of San Diego.

While others found alternatives.

“We didn’t, and we own a four by four truck so we felt like it wasn’t really needed plus it’s Idyllwild and I don’t feel like it snows here as much as it does in Big Bear.” the Avalos’ say.

One thing is for certain, the weather’s prompting everyone to be prepared as they head out. 

“We’re getting ready to go to the store, get more supplies and go back to the cabin because tonight. We’re expecting more snow.” Michelle Taylor from San Diego says.

Jesus Andrade and his family were visiting Oak Glenn, from Riverside, when they decided to take their trip further North towards Idyllwild, with not much time to prepare.

With conditions not as severe as other parts of California, they thought their drive would be smooth sailings. 

Andrade says he expects to be stopped and asked for chains on their way home.

However he’s making the best out of the conditions.

“This is a beautiful place to come and visit. So that’s why we are here.”

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