Cathedral City Seeking Development of North of I-10

Kamari Esquerra

Cathedral City is looking to expand its horizon. “North City”, a 5,000 acre plot of open land north of Interstate 10 in Cathedral City, may soon be the site for economic expansion in the valley. 

“The city council’s vision is to enhance the economic viability of both our north city area and the overall Coachella Valley,” said Stone James, Director of Economic Development for Cathedral City. 

The “North City Specific Plan” is seeking and encouraging developers to invest in the north city area, which is located right off one of a handful of intercontinental highways, connecting the east and west coasts. 

“Cathedral City’s goal is to create an environment in which we attract the private investment of dollars into high quality development,” said James. 

The city proposed a resolution in November that would allow it to support alternative land use proposals if developers can meet certain criteria.

“I think that the city is open to a variety of uses, because oftentimes, it’s not just what a developer wants to build, but where the market demand is and where they can find the capital to build the project,” said James. “If you are bringing jobs, if you’re doing backbone infrastructure, if you’re helping diversify the Coachella Valley economy.”

The city hopes different industries can diversify job opportunities for residents both in Cathedral City – the second largest permanent population in the valley. 

“What we hope to see here on this north city development, is an opportunity to diversify our Coachella Valley economy and bring about tract traded sector jobs,” said James.

For more information on the North City specific plan and criteria, visit the link here. For the extended specific plan, click the link here.

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