Road Closures Affect Small Businesses in Palm Springs

Tiani Jadulang

Road closures in Palm Springs and Cathedral City are affecting more than just drivers.

They’re affecting businesses.

Anytime major roads such as Indian Canyon, Vista Chino, and Gene Autry Trail are closed, businesses take a hit.

“It’s been really bad because every time it rains for over two, three hours they shut Gene Autry, they shut Vista Chino and it takes them another two, three days to open.. and by the time it’s open again, it will rain again and shut down again. It’s really bad.” says Andy Salhab, the Manager of Fiesta Market & Liquor in Palm Springs.

When the weather shifts here in the Coachella Valley, it affects everyone, from drivers to small businesses.

“Nobody can come to the store. It’s like they literally need to fly to come here.” Salhab says.

Road closures force drivers to take alternate routes, and businesses like Fiesta Market and Liquor lose out on paying customers.

“And even if you come from the other side of Palm Springs, you have to turn right and then go to and make a U-turn… and by the time you go and make a U-turn, you can just go and get to Ramon and then there’s a bunch of other businesses right there.” 

Even workers pay a price.

“30 minutes to get to work because when they shut Vista Chino and Gene Autry. The other option would be Ramon and Ramon, it’s already crowded.” Salhab states.

A lot of people I’ve talked to over the last couple of days say the same thing. They hope valley leaders find a solution and fast.

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