Palm Springs Allows Adult Oriented Businesses

Tiani Jadulang

Sex clubs will now be allowed within Palm Springs City limits.

After the move by the city council, views seem to be mixed over whether or not these businesses should set up shop.

“I think it’s a good thing for these sexual businesses to come here because one of the reasons people come out here is to be able to come out here, have a discreet weekend, have fun, and go back to go back to their lives.” says Philippe Brandner, a salesmen at Q Trading in Palm Springs.

These new rules legalize these venues, with limitations. 

Council members say these businesses must not be able to be recognized as adult oriented businesses.

These businesses are still  prohibited on major or secondary roads such as Palm Canyon Drive or Indian Canyon Drive. 

They are allowed in industrial districts, where businesses are already welcoming the new establishments.

“I think people in Palm Springs are tolerant to a lot of different things. I think they’ll be very open minded. So I think it will be good.” Brandner says.

While other local businesses aren’t too sure how they feel about the decision.

“I think that it could bring in a bad element, but at the same time, if they’re charging a bit of money to get in and the people that are really seedy may not be coming around.”

With sexual activity present, worries of sexually transmitted diseases and infections are a concern.

“Well, there’s certainly going to be some promiscuous sexual activity, I believe, and not everyone’s going to be using protection. I’m sure. So yeah, that will be a concern. Absolutely.” says Margaret Wardlow with SWAG Furniture of Palm Springs.

These venues are required to abide by health guidelines and work with public health departments to manage potential sexually-transmitted diseases and drug use. 

“Well, I think as long as they practice the guidelines that the city sets forth, and I think if they provide condoms at the door, and things like that, I think that’s going to help quite a bit.” Brandner says.

Some businesses also voiced other concerns for what else these venues will be allowed to do inside, and what licenses they’ll get. 

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