The Return Of The Riverside County Fair And Date Festival

Tiani Jadulang

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the Riverside County Fair and National Date festival made its return to the desert.

The Riverside County Fair and Date festival last took place in Indio in 2020, with its absence the last three years, many residents and visitors have missed the unique opportunity to enjoy the family friendly event.

“We’re excited that it’s back. They’ve grown up around the fair, so it’s really nice to actually bring them back.” says Coachella Valley local Sabrina Olson, on how her children have grown up going to the fair. 

Many of the annual fair-goers are excited to have it back, and those who’ve had trouble purchasing tickets in the past, are glad to know that improvements have been made.

“I liked that we were able to buy the tickets online this year. That really helped out a lot through getting in on time and not having that long line back there.” Olson says. 

Out of all the things to enjoy at the fair, everyone seemed to have their eyes on one thing, the food.

“We hear that there’s a lot more date orientated entrees that we are excited about.” Olson states, and, “Get everything that’s on a stick, including corn.” says NBC Palm Springs Meteorologist, Jerry Steffen.

As always, the festival rides are a crowd favorite.

“The kids like the rides, they’re excited to get back on those and see the train exhibit. Yeah. ” Olson says.

Most of all, the visitors were just happy to have the fair back.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to the date fest and this looks a whole lot bigger than it was when I went 10 years ago. It looks great.” Steffen says.

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