Pink reveals how a Cher show inspired her gravity defying performances

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(CNN) — Pink is talking about her new album, “Trustfall,” named in the spirit of the exercise of falling backwards into someone’s hands, trusting them to catch you.

“That’s a team building exercise. But to me it means in order to get out of bed in the morning right now, it feels like it requires a lot of trust in the universe and trust in yourself and trust in those around you and to drop your kids off at school and participate in elections and love vulnerably it just requires a lot,” the singer explained in a new episode of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

Pink continued: “A lot of people feel like they’re falling backwards and we don’t know where the ground is and that’s a really unsettling feeling,” she added that the title “encapsulates how I feel right now.”

Its the same trust she needs to incorporate the aerial acrobatics she skillfully pulls off in her live performances.

“First of all, I thought, when did Pink become a circus performer?” Wallace asked.

Pink explained that as a kid she was a gymnast, starting training at just four years old and practicing five days a week for eight years.

“It’s in you,” she said. “I then became a singer and many, many, many, years later, I’m at a Cher concert in Vegas and I’m watching these dancers behind her and I’m going, ‘Why do they get to have all the fun? Why haven’t singers done this?'”

She decided in that moment that she could do both.

“I could do this. I was an asthmatic, really bad asthmatic kid. So, I had to do diaphragm training from very early on, which in turn was what I would have needed to do to learn how to sing upside down,” she said. “And it all just kind of worked out and I wanted to do–I wanted to try it and see if it was possible. Because it looked really fun, and it is.”

She added that her concert stunts have forced her to take her “craft very, very, very seriously.”

“Rock and roll is, you know, I see some artists out there with a bottle of wine or some whiskey on stage and it’s just sweaty and amazing and unpredictable. And for me, it’s a sport and I take it very seriously and I work really hard at it,” she said. “I’m always trying to top myself because it makes people happy. It makes me happy. When I fly around through the air, there’s, it’s just, it’s wonderful … you can’t imagine it.”

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