Galleri Classic To Offer Early Cancer Detection Test to Tournament Attendees

Kamari Esquerra

For the first time in 30 years, the Galleri Classic is bringing the PGA Tour Champions Golf Tournament back to the Coachella Valley. This year’s tournament is not just about supporting stars on the course, but championing those off the course to stand up to cancer. 

“We think it’s important to raise awareness and education about multi-cancer early detection and this is a great event to be able to reach a lot of our demographic which is generally above 50,” said Bob Ragusa, CEO of GRAIL. 

“Just being 50+ puts you at a higher risk of getting cancer so what a great platform to be able to say ‘Hey, let’s just see how you’re doing’,” said Lauren DelSarto, Publisher and Founder of Desert Health News. 

The Galleri test can detect up to 50 different types of cancer from a single blood draw. 

“We use DNA technology to be able to determine whether or not cancer is present through a common cancer signal, and if we detect that cancer is present, then we’re able to localize where in the body it is with high accuracy,” said Ragusa. 

The earlier cancer is detected, the higher the chance of successful outcomes.  

The Galleri Classic, named after GRAIL’s multi-cancer early detection test, will host a mobile phlebotomy lab where golf fans can get tested for cancer while at the tournament… 

“The blood draw would take place here, we’d take down all the information about the patient themselves, get the blood drawn and typically, in less than 10 business days, you’d get a result back,” said Ragusa.

The test is intended for people with an elevated risk of cancer such as those aged 50 or older or those with a significant family history of cancer.

“Golf is, especially the Champions tour, where these are the players that we spent our life following and cheering for and we’re all older than we used to be so they are great representatives of this test,” said DelSarto.

Those who previously were diagnosed can also use the test. 

“I am a cancer survivor myself, so one of the things you always think is ‘Is my cancer back’ or ‘Do I have cancer somewhere else?” said DelSarto.

Proceeds from the Galleri Classic will fund local and cancer-related non-profit organizations including Desert Cancer Foundation, Eisenhower Health, Hanson House, Pendleton Foundation, American Cancer Society, and Shay’s Warriors Life After Cancer.

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