Lake Cahuilla Honors Memorial Day Weekend

Tiani Jadulang

To honor all those who’ve served and especially to those who have died while serving, this Memorial Day Weekend, Lake Cahuilla is not only giving access to active duty members and veterans, but to all guests with them.

“When she gave me a, you know, a little pass and also she tells me thank you for serving our country and we don’t get enough thanks.” says Mario Guevara, a veteran honoring the Memorial Weekend at Lake Cahuilla.

Memorial Day Weekend honors the memories of all men and women who gave their lives while serving our country.

One way to celebrate that is by enjoying our hard-fought freedoms.

At Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park, people took in the simple pleasures of gathering and relaxing.

Veteran Mario Guevara says this weekend is about so much more.

“As much as you know, on Memorial day, we’re honoring those who died. Not, not me in particular, I thank god I survived the combat that I went through.” Guevara says.

Most importantly, remembering.

“I have a brother who did pass away. He was a marine, and that’s also who we honor on this day as we get together as a family because my whole family’s here well, at least a third of it.”

People at the park, spending time with veterans still with us, consider it a special privilege.

“I think it’s an honor to be honored because the military, they have did a lot. They have served many, many years that have not been honored unto them as far as benefits as far as the service that they have committed to the world because they set the stage for so many others that come by behind them.” says Jacqueline Hill, a visitor from Yorba Linda.

Free admission into Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park for veterans and active duty members will continue this entire weekend, with plenty of activities for guests of all ages.

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