Covered California Helps Those Who Don’t Qualify For Medi-Cal Anymore

Tiani Jadulang

With the end of the pandemic, Medi-Cal is resuming their renewal process for almost 16 million members, but what does this mean for those covered through the health program?

Covered California is helping spread the word on their enrollment program, it helps Californian’s who qualify for Medi-Cal, and those who don’t… maintain their coverage.

Before COVID-19, the Medi-Cal program went through a renewal process, year after year, checking each enrolled individual’s information and determining whether or not they are still eligible, but that process was eliminated during the pandemic.

“That process is turning back on and so anyone who has maintained medical coverage during the recent years we’ll go through that redetermination process.” says Jessica Altman, the Executive Director of Covered California.

Covered California is one of the places where Californian’s can turn to, to keep their health insurance.

“Our goal working collectively with the department of health care services and the counties is first and foremost to keep anyone still eligible for Medi-Cal or non Medi-Cal… but secondly, if anyone is no longer eligible, maybe their income has gone up since they became eligible for medical to keep them covered.” Altman says.

With Medi-Cal estimating that two to three million people will transition off of coverage.

“Covered California is that place that anyone who needs coverage doesn’t have it from another source, makes too much for Medi-Cal, can come to get coverage. We offer financial assistance, and the more that you need based on your income, the more assistance that we offer.”

According to Covered California, two-thirds of those covered through their program can find a health plan for ten dollars a month, and in some cases even free. 

“Consumers who are found to no longer be eligible for Medi-Cal or Covered California may be where they go for coverage, will receive a co-branded notice in the mail from Covered California and from Medi-Cal explaining everything going on.” Altman says.

Making the switch easier for those individuals.

“We’ve gone ahead and pre-selected the plan that maximizes affordability for you and you just have to come in and do one thing. Either say yes, if you have no premium, Covered California or pay that first month’s premium, whatever that may be for you, and you have kept coverage.”

To prepare for the transition, reps suggest checking your emails for further instructions  or you can visit for more information and for any concerns you might have. 

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