Palm Desert Teen Seeking a Miracle in Neurocytonix Treatment

Ceci Partridge

Sienna Coie, a resilient young teen, is sharing her journey to recovery, and determination to walk again after a life-altering car accident in 2019.

At 12, Sienna Coie’s life took a dramatic turn when a car accident left her with an incomplete spinal cord injury, affecting her T12-L1 vertebrae.

Instantly, she lost the ability to walk and control her lower extremities. She had to transition to a life in a wheelchair. She also had to adapt to new ways of performing even the simplest daily activities.

Despite the challenges posed by an incomplete spinal cord injury, Sienna is working through recovery through physical therapy. Sienna says the spinal cord injury is not just a physical challenge, but also a mental struggle.

According to Sienna’s mother Ursula, initially, they focused on regaining balance and relearning how to sit up. Gradually, she transitioned to crawling and, with the aid of a walker and leg braces, is now able to take independent steps. Her ultimate goal is to regain the life she once enjoyed, participating in soccer, dance, and basketball activities.

Now, she seeks an opportunity in the form of Neurocytonix, a cutting-edge treatment in Monterrey, Mexico, that holds the potential to create new neural pathways and bring her closer to her dream of walking again.

This innovative treatment promises to create new neural pathways from the brain to any part of the body that requires them. Neurocytonix is currently undergoing clinical trials for spinal cord injuries.

After speaking with the treatment’s doctor and a family friend who has experienced its benefits, Sienna firmly believes that this opportunity could be her path to walking again.

Despite the immense hope Neurocytonix offers, Sienna faces a significant obstacle in accessing the treatment due to its substantial cost. Stem cell treatments in the United States have been reluctant to accept her case due to her age and weight.

Sienna and her family are seeking the support of her community to help make this life-changing treatment a reality. For those interested in assisting Sienna visit the GoFundMe platform.

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