Cooling Centers Prepared For Any Possible Weather Changes

Tiani Jadulang

All the wind we’ve had over the last few days is bringing a shift in our weather.

These unusually cool, but comfortable temperatures are about to hit 100 degrees this weekend.

Cooling centers are getting ready, just in time for people trying to escape the heat.

This weather has been very unusual, with most days staying in the low 90’s, and most nights, chillier than we’re used to.

Leaving area cooling centers preparing for any possible weather changes.

“This is beautiful, so I would love it if it stayed like this.” says one visitor.

With temperatures staying well below triple digits, many are enjoying the cooler temperatures while they last, hoping for a much milder summer than we typically see.

“I think it’s amazing. I was just talking to the fellow there, the cashier and I said, this is unusually cool, so maybe we’ll have a cool summer. That’d be nice.” says one resident.

Starting June 1st, Riverside County opened several cooling centers, where anyone trying to escape the heat can turn to.

One being the Palm Springs Public Library.

“Here at the library any day that it’s above 97 degrees, we’re officially a cooling center, so we offer cold water and just a place for people to come and get out of the heat.” says Lisa Brock, the Library Operations and Collections Manager for the Palm Springs Public Library. 

With it being much windier and cooler than expected, these cooling centers are offering these services for everyone. 

“We have a lot of people that just come in every day just to get out of the elements, even though it’s not super hot, they just need somewhere cool and without the heat, the sun glaring down on them.” Brock says.

For those who need it, backpacks filled with essentials, like toothpaste, a toothbrush, socks, a hat, and feminine hygiene products.

Giving those visiting these centers several different activities to do.

“We do have computers that anybody could use without a card, so if you need something besides books to entertain yourself while you’re here, you could use one of our computers or we have puzzles out.”

Giving residents another option during these summer months.

“The temperatures get so high, a lot of people you know, we of course we don’t want them outside out in the streets, but also for people the prices of cooling their homes is so expensive. It’s nice that they have an option during the day to get away and they maybe can keep their electricity bills a little lower”

For a list of different cooling centers in Riverside County, please visit.


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