Groundbreaking For Tripoli, Affordable Family Apartments In Coachella

Tiani Jadulang

The City of Coachella celebrated the groundbreaking for a 63 million dollar, 108-unit apartment community for low-income families.

The Tripoli affordable family apartments are just a step in the right direction for the City of Coachella, making it one of their main goals to create housing for all.

“This means everything it is our continued priority to, you know, bring in more affordable housing units and just housing overall.” says Coachella Councilmember Stephanie Virgen.

Housing affordability is a top priority for the City of Coachella, the city is not only celebrating the beginning of Tripoli affordable family apartments, but the now-completed Pueblo Viejo Villas, right next door.

“This project, while slightly different than that project, it uses the same architect, and it has lots of the same inspirations that really defined Coachella in the valley. So we want the feel of Coachella, but also be fresh and new and feel like something special is happening.” says Jim Anderson, the Chief Development Officer for Chelsea Development Corporation.

The planning for the Tripoli Apartments has been in the works for some time and as one of many new affordable housing developments in the city, council members are excited to see this day come.

“For the city, it’s growth now we’re gonna have new residents here in this part of the city, there’s going to be new economic development, there’s going to be new dollar spent, new tax dollars created for you know, gas, and really just you know that income.” says Dr. Frank Figueroa, a Councilmember for the City of Coachella.

With one main goal.

“It doesn’t make a difference what part of the economic spectrum you are in. For us, if you’re on the lower end, if you’re on the higher end, we want to make sure that we can house you, that we can provide quality housing, and this is continuous.” says City of Coachella’s Mayor Steven Hernandez.

It’s all a part of an effort to enhance the city.

“We’re investing in parks, we’re investing in housing. We’re investing in markets, we’re investing in our residents in libraries, and so when you do that, when you really care about your residents, you know, people are attracted to that. and so it’s just it’s part of the effort.” says Mayor Hernandez.

Now this project is estimated to take anywhere from 15-18 months to complete, until future residents can move into their brand new and affordable family apartments.

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