Displaced Mobile Home Park Residents Heartbroken, Angry Following Property Manager Meeting

Carmela Karcher

“I got the call when I was at work, and when they said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to save your home,’ that broke me,” Julieta Perez, a resident who lost her home in the fire, shared tearfully.

Julieta Perez moved to the Country Squire RV and Mobile Home Park two months ago.

As a single mother of two young children, losing her new home was more than devastating.

“I was just feeling like I was getting back on my feet,” Perez continued. “I was feeling like, ‘Okay, things are getting better, things are finally going to be okay’…I have worked so hard for everything that I have and my kids were so happy to finally have their home.”

Tuesday night, residents were finally able to express their frustration and ask major questions to the property managers in person.

But even then, many left with more questions than answers.

“The conditions in this park are caused by a lack of care and a lack of maintenance,” Melissa Castillo, daughter of a resident who lost his home, said. “I think it’s very disheartening to see them kind of give a false illusion. Anybody who has stepped foot or even driven by the park can see that the park that they’re describing here is very different from the park that they’re actually living in.”

The answers that were given only continued their heartbreak. 

On top of losing their homes, residents are still required to pay rent for their mobile home spot, regardless if their house is still standing, by August 1st. 

But that’s not all.

“They’re now telling us that we’re responsible for cleanup,” Castillo continued. “These families, many of whom didn’t have insurance, are now left to scramble and find apartments, find other places where they already don’t meet the income requirements. Aside from doing that, they also have to now find a way to save money, to pay the over $5,000 in cleanup fees plus the monthly rent until they are able to put in their 30 day notice to vacate.”

Leaving many not knowing what’s next.

“I feel like they’re just seeing us as dollar signs,” Perez said. “I don’t feel like they’re seeing us as humans, as people that are really struggling as it is…I have to sleep in a shelter on a cot with my two kids. What do I tell my kids? What do I tell them?”

She continued, “A lot of the people that live in the community are Latino, Hispanic, who don’t know much of their rights. Regardless of whatever situation they’re in, we all have rights because we’re all human.”

Crews are still investigating the cause of the fire and if there were any violations involved.

Once that is done, families will have two weeks to clean up.

NBC Palm Springs have reached out to property management for their comment, but have not heard back. 

If people want to help, Palm Springs Unified School District is still taking donations which can be found here.

There are other ways to help and we have posted all of those here.

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