Problems Continue For Residents at Country Squire Mobile Home Park Following Fire

Carmela Karcher

“It’s like a waiting game,” one resident shared. “You don’t know when the light or the power is going to come back”

No power in extreme heat.

A story these Country Squire RV and Mobile Home Park residents have been experiencing for years only continues.

“We’re still having all these issues. It’s really sad,” the resident continued.

This resident didn’t want to share her name but wanted to explain what they are still going through even after fire destroyed nine homes within the community.

“On the 21st [of July], they told us that we can come back home, but we didn’t come back home because we didn’t have any light or gas,” she said. “The 23rd, we had no light again…On the 27th, we had no light again for a couple of hours. The 29th was the worst one. We had no light for nine hours. It was really hot at 5 a.m.”

These are the same conditions that led up to the fire that barely spared this resident’s home two weeks ago.

But with the new generator right outside their home, they are worried history may repeat itself.

“It already happened once that the generator blew up,” the resident said. “You don’t know if it’s going to blow up again or what’s going to happen…We can’t even buy groceries because everything goes to waste. We can’t buy a lot of stuff to freeze because the freezer turns off. Sometimes we can’t cook because our stove runs on gas and everything goes off. They expect a lot from us and they’re not giving us what we need.”

All of this is not allowing for a sense of peace.

“I remember a guy coming to our house and saying, ‘There’s a house on fire you guys need to leave,’” the resident recalled. “I came outside and I saw one of my neighbors running with two kids in her hand, two kids running along the side of her. I was panicking. I didn’t know what to do.”

And leaving them not knowing what’s next.

“We’re just surviving day by day, waiting for something to change hopefully,” the resident said.

On top of all this, they were still asked to pay hefty utility bills this month.

According to residents, property management told them they don’t plan to fix these electrical and gas issues until November, leaving them to struggle during the hottest months of the year.

NBC Palm Springs reached out to the property managers again and have not heard back.

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