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Pristine Villarreal

In preparation for Hurricane Hilary, Coachella Valley Cities have been in preparation for potentially up to 7 inches of rain, flooding, and other damaging conditions in response to the tropical storm hitting Southern California.

SCE and their team of meteorologists have been monitoring Hurricane Hilary. While the storm is expected to weaken as it travels northward due to the cooler waters, they expect high winds and heavy rain. Rain is expected to begin on Saturday, with the most significant impacts occurring Sunday and Monday, according to the press release.

They’ve been planning ahead for this storm event and have positioned additional personnel, which includes restoration and repair crews, in areas that are expected to receive the most significant impacts. This will allows us to respond to outages in affected areas as quickly as we can safely do so.

SCE has activated its emergency response teams and will be staffed through the weekend. Here is a link with more information on our preparations. You can also find the latest information about outages on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Safety tips to prepare for a storm below:

  • Watch for traffic signals that may be out. Approach those intersections as four-way stops.
  • Watch for downed power lines – Severe weather can cause power lines to fall. They can electrify puddles, wet grass and the surrounding area.
  • If you see a downed power line or dangling wire – even if it appears not to be live – don’t touch or approach it or anything that is in contact with it and call 911 immediately.
  • As some areas have experienced heavy rain and snow for weeks, flooding may be possible. Do not attempt to drive through flooded areas. As little as two feet of water is enough to sweep a car away.
  • Freeze water and transfer to your refrigerator if the power goes out to keep perishables cold.
  • Install surge protectors to help safeguard valuable electronic equipment, such as computers and home entertainment systems.
  • Always back up important work and files on your computer.
  • If you have an automatic garage door or gate, learn how to open them manually (without power).
  • Consider keeping at least one car at least half full with fuel.
  • Portable gasoline generators should never be used inside homes, garages, office buildings or other enclosed spaces.
  • Make a safety preparedness plan for your family that includes a list and location of important items. Be prepared to meet the special needs of infants and elderly or disabled family members. Also plan how you will care for any pets.

Written by Jeff Monford, contributions added by Pristine Villarreal. 

Palm Springs Chief Paul Alvarado also advised residents to take precautions such as avoiding driving during heavy rain and dangerous conditions, staying off bridges over fast moving water, staying inside a car if its trapped in rapidly moving water, getting on the roof of a car if water is rising inside, avoiding flood waters and signing up for the city’s public safety alerts.

“Residents should know that rain/flood waters can be dangerous and that as little as one inch of water can move a car,” Palm Springs Emergency Manager Daniel DeSelms said in a statement, adding that residents should driving during heavy rain.

Sandbags and sandbag assembly stations to help residents prepare for potential flooding will be available at several fire stations throughout the Coachella Valley. Hours for sandbag pick-ups and assemblies will vary per city.

A full report by a fellow meteorologist Mike Everett was posted to Facebook here:

You can find tips, resources, and other sources of information and storm preparation sorted by city listed below.

Palm Springs: 

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 277 North Indian Ave., 300 North El Cielo Drive, 590 East Racquet Club Drive, 1300 La Verne Way, and 5800 Bolero Road in Palm Springs. Other locations include the pit on El Cielo Road behind Palm Springs City Hall, 3200 East Tahquitz Canyon Way.

La Quinta: 

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 54001 Madison St. and 44555 Adams St. La Quinta. Other locations include La Quinta City Hall, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta Corporate Yard, 78106 Francis Hack Lane.

Cathedral City:

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 32100 Desert Vista in Cathedral City.

Palm Desert:

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 73995 Country Club Drive, 44400 Town Center Way, and 73200 Mesa View Drive in Palm Desert.

Palm Desert, 8/18/2023 – As Hurricane Hilary rapidly gains strength and tracks toward the Coachella Valley, the City of Palm Desert is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of all residents. With predictions indicating potential hazards from rain, flooding, and high winds, the City urges residents to be prepared for the upcoming storm.

The National Weather Service has alerted us that Hurricane Hilary could bring significant rainfall to our area. Palm Desert may experience up to five inches of rain, while the San Jacinto Mountains might face seven to nine inches. Severe mountain run-off may occur.

To aid residents in safeguarding their properties from potential flooding, sandbags are available for Palm Desert residents. Each resident can receive up to ten sandbags, available daily from 7:00am to 8:00pm. These sandbags will be conveniently located at all three Palm Desert fire stations.

  • Station 67, 73200 Mesa View Dr., Palm Desert CA 92260 – Loose sand is also available at this location only.
  • Station 33, 44400 Town Center Way, Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Station 71, 73995 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Civic Center Park Baseball Fields, 43900 San Pablo Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260

The City of Palm Desert is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. They strongly encourage everyone to stay informed about the latest developments and to take necessary precautions as Hurricane Hilary approaches. Please follow our social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

The City also encourages community members to register for email and text message emergency alerts. This can be done by visiting

NOTICE: In a move to streamline resources and enhance the efficiency of flood preparedness measures, a change has been made in the distribution of sand and sandbags for Palm Desert residents. Effective Saturday, August 19, 2023, sand and sand bags will no longer be available at local fire stations. Instead, residents can find these essential resources at the Palm Desert Civic Center: 43900 San Pablo Avenue, Palm Desert 92260. 

For residents outside of Palm Desert, sand and sandbags are available at fire stations throughout Riverside County. Please note that quantities are limited, and residents are advised to plan ahead and use these resources judiciously. Proper placement of sandbags and proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of flood damage.

Indian Wells: 

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 44900 Eldorado Drive in Indian Wells.


Staff across all city departments are taking the following actions to prepare for the storm:

  • Backup power generators have been tested and are ready to operate essentials systems if the city experiences power outages.
  • Crews are prepared to assist with road closures and protect utilities at the Avenue 44 and Westward Ho storm channel crossings.
  • Police, Fire, Public Works and Indio Water Authority personnel are on 24-hour standby to monitor the storm and maintain public safety as it moves through the area.
  • In addition, the City developed digital resources to keep the public informed on the latest storm impacts. The community is encouraged to visit for emergency preparedness tips, up-to-date information and additional resources. Residents area also encouraged to follow updates through their social media outlets on Instagram, X(Twitter) and Facebook.

In the event of an emergency, residents can reach the Police and Fire Departments by calling 911. The Indio Water Authority 24-hour Water Emergency Hotline can be reached at 760-834-5933. For non-emergency issues related to the storm, residents can call 760-541-4477.

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 46990 Jackson St., 46621 Madison St., 81-025 Avenue 40, and 42-900 Golf Center Parkway in Indio. Other locations include ***Indio City Hall 100 Civic Center Drive***, Fire Station 46990 Jackson Street, Fire Station 46621 Madison Street, Fire Station 81-025 Avenue 40, Fire Station 42-900 Golf Center Parkway.

***Sand will also be available in the City Hall parking lot Saturday from 8am to 1pm, or until supplies run out. Residents must bring a shovel and empty sandbags to fill them.***

Desert Hot Springs:

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 65958 Pierson Blvd. in Desert Hot Springs

Thousand Palms:


Twenty-nine Palms:

TWENTYNINE PALMS, CA – Hurricane Hilary continues to approach the Southern California coast and is expected to reach Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center (MGAGCC), Aug. 19 – 21, 2023. A storm with such severity has not occurred since 1939. The installation has paused Service Level Training Exercise 5-23 and has removed all personnel from the training areas. Their highest priority is the safety of base personnel, training units, and their families. Regardless of the exact track of Hilary, there is the potential for extensive impacts throughout Southern California to include Morongo Basin.

Anticipate substantial rainfall from heavy rain bands, with precipitation ranging between 8 to 15 inches. Rainfall amounts may vary based on location. Wind speed is expected to be around 40 knots. The large amount of rainfall increases the threat of localized flash floods, especially in low-lying, urban, and poor drainage areas. Winds approaching tropical storm force could lead to downed trees or powerlines and isolated power outages.

All Marine Air-Ground Task Force Training Command, MCAGCC components, tenant commands, training units, and community members are advised to take the necessary precautions now in advance of weather effects from Hilary. Continue to monitor the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center forecasts and follow their advice. Follow the MAGTFTC/MCAGCC Facebook, Twitter, and webpage linked below for live updates.

Sandbags are available at Building 2080 and 1102 for Marines and families.

Updates for base facilities,, and the MCAGCC website at

Story by Lance Cpl. Justin Marty, contributions by Pristine Villarreal.

Rancho Mirage: 

Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at 71751 Gerald Ford Drive, Rancho Mirage. Other locations include Rancho Mirage Library & Observatory, 71100 Highway 11.


Sandbags and sandbag assembly station can be found at Coachella Senior Center, 1540 Seventh Street, Coachella Corporate Yard, 53462 Enterprise Way

The city of Coachella has created a storm watch page providing information about the oncoming storm, such as:

  • A storm tracker link for Hurricane Hilary.
  • Who to contact in the event of an outage, life threatening and after hours water emergencies.
  • Links to weather resources.
  • Contact information for our Public Safety Dept’s
  • Where to report utility outages, where outages are occurring and preparedness checklists (IID, SoCal Gas & CVWD)
  • A Storm Safety Checklist
  • The importance of having a communications plan
  • How to assemble an emergency kit
  • Protecting animals
  • A link to FEMA flood maps to check for potential flood damage

The link to the page can be found here:

PSPD – Palm Springs Police Department is making PA announcements every 90-minutes, warning those living along the Dinah Shore flood channel, the Gene Autry wash, and also in the desert, at Gateway Drive West of Hwy 111 of the possible impacts of #hurricanehilary.

With the help of RSO via helicopter, drones with speakers, officers on foot and by patrol vehicles, the announcements includes storm information and advise seeking a safe area, on higher ground. As the storm develops they will continue to ensure people have vacated to safe areas.

The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and Martha’s Village are also working to get people sheltered with any available beds.

Please prepare and stay safe. Be sure to sign up for City of Palm Springs Public Safety Alerts at

Andy Mills, Palm Springs Police Department, Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association 

This article will update further as storm alerts and information develop. 

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