CCHS Football Team and CCPOA Assist Neighbors Directly Impacted By Tropical Storm Hilary

Tiani Jadulang

In their hometown, the Cathedral City High School football team, teamed up with the City’s Police Officers Association to assist their neighbors directly impacted by the storm. 

“It means a lot just seeing them so grateful for what we’re doing here, and just knowing that we’re making a difference in the community, it’s a big, big deal for us.” Renee Romero, a Cathedral City High School student-athlete says.

You typically see them out on the football field, but Friday morning, they were out delivering essentials to their neighbors.

Ice, water, mops, and brooms all to the volunteers who are tirelessly clearing houses of dirt and debris, and they weren’t the only group out there.

“I just want our residents to know the police department cares. I mean, it’s really cool to start to like, show the high schoolers like, hey, you know what, the police can work with us. As soon as they brought us this idea, we just obviously wanted to hop on board with them, and just so that we can work together as one as a good community.” Jesse Borrego, the President for the Cathedral City Police Officers Association says.

Residents like Jerry Meza, who set up a community command center says the community is beyond thankful for the donations.

“The outreach has just been incredible, and it just warms my heart so much to see Cathedral City High School, their football team was here. We had another team of girls yesterday here. They’ve been amazing as far as keeping us stocked with ice. They have an ice machine on site, so it’s easy for them to bag it, bring it and store it in our bins.” Meza says.

The Cathedral City Police Officers Association brought 27-gallon bins and $1000 worth of cleaning and food supplies.

“First of all, they wanted to buy 100 bins for us, but after he talked to Costco, Costco donated it to them, and now they’re able to take that money, and he’s been asking what other things do we need so they’re going to be able to go and buy gift cards for people.” Meza speaks on the help the community has received from Borrego and his team. 

“I think it’s really cool to see the community coming together obviously during a really hard time for this area… again, I think there’s still a need if they want to come down here and just donate from I believe from like eight to five, they can daily.” Borrego says.

A local assistance center is set to open for residents and businesses impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary, the center opens Wednesday and will be available through Friday of next week.

As of now, those looking for assistance are encouraged to visit the Cathedral City Library from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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