Local Artist Receives Grant, Uses Grant To Host Workshops For Coachella Valley Artists

Tiani Jadulang

Bernard Hoyes was just one of the few recipients selected by the Creative Corps Inland SoCal, hoping to use his work to bind the community together one art piece at a time.

“I’d never been recognized for a body of work or work-related to my time as an artist.” Hoyes says, with this being his first grant received as an artist.

He moved to Desert Hot Springs just a decade ago, but Bernard Hoyes was no stranger to the Coachella Valley,  owning an art studio here, long before that.

Being an artist, he felt the permanent move meant starting his career all over again, “Before that I was in L.A. and my artist’s accomplishment as being in L.A., so coming out here to the desert, I felt I had to like work hard and I had to kind of start all over again and introduce myself to the public.”

The grant is specifically designated for artists, organizations, and public agencies, aimed to advance awareness around public health, the environment, social justice, and civic participation.

“The grant was a way of giving me a sign that the work that I’ve been doing since I’ve been out here has paid off.” Hoyes adds.

With this grant, Bernard plans to host workshops at his art studio with fellow artists.

“The artists get to share each other’s work at the end of the workshop, but also they’ll be several portfolios that we put together that will be shared in the different archives in California, libraries and universities and museums.” Hoyes says.

The City of Desert Hot Springs, hoping for this grant to inspire local artists to showcase their work.

“Council has made it a priority to really help incentivize more artists to bring artwork and murals to our downtown, and this is just one alternative way that we’re able to really help the community, get them more involved, get resources for the artists so that really, they can showcase their artwork.” Erick Becerril, the Community Programs Director for the City of Desert Hot Springs says.

Now, Bernard says, the workshops will start in November, as he continues to prepare his studio, in an effort to support artists on all different levels.


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