City of Coachella Awarded $22 Million Grant Towards Eco-Friendly Future

Tiani Jadulang

As many organizations and companies continue to head towards more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of running their business, local communities are doing the same.

The City of Coachella received a $22 million Transformative Climate Communities Grant Tuesday morning, to continue their efforts of bettering the city.

This grant will help implement multiple different projects throughout the city under a community-led initiative called “Coachella Prospera.”

This initiative will focus on plans that address health and wellness, green spaces, work-force development, and more within the community.

“The future for Coachella looks to me, looks green, looks equitable, looks like it has reached environmental justice. It looks like it’s invested in, it looks prosperous.” Jerry Rivero, the Program Manager for the Transformative Climate Communities Program says.

This $22 million dollar grant is set to help grow and evolve the City of Coachella as the future becomes more eco-friendly.

“It’s multi dimensional, and it’s something for everyone. If you’re a senior, you’re gonna get affordable housing. If you’re somebody that owns a home, there’s 150 different solar panels that are going to be going up on people’s homes. If you’re a youth, there’s workforce development programs.” the Mayor of Coachella, Steven Hernandez says.

Officials tell me, the city plans on expanding the recreational center at Bagdouma Park, planting over 300 trees within the city, and expanding bike lanes, all to help residents adapt to climate change.

“That’s gonna really grow our city into the future. It’s going to support the community that lives here now but also the future community that wants to come and talk to each other.” City of Coachella Councilmember Dr. Frank Figueroa says.

Residents say they’re looking forward to the changes.

“We are thinking about the future now, for the community, for the youth, for the senior citizens, for all in general.” Humberto Ruiz, a resident from Coachella adds.  

Overall, this grant helps the city accomplish projects that have been in the works for years.

“People have agreed to work together and follow a vision that was set forward 20 plus years ago, to be able to make Coachella a prosperous community as the name of the grant is “Coachella Prospera.” Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia says.

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