New LGBTQ+ Ride Service Makes Safety A Priority

Tiani Jadulang

If you’re looking for another ride-share service to drive you home this weekend, two local residents recently launched the first Coachella Valley based ride share service, focusing on the safety of all individuals.

LGBTQ+ ride is a new ride share service offering transportation for the LGBTQ+ community providing passengers with a judgment free zone to be themselves, while getting from point a to point b.

“What we are is were a safe, non discriminatory form of rideshare transportation for our community and our allies.” Stephen Ridl, one of the Co-founders of LGBTQ+ ride says.

It’s like any other ride-share service, you download the app, put in your location, and agree to the mission statement.

Only this mission statement is a bit different, it honors that both drivers and passengers will be open and accepting to all.

“Anybody who writes or drives needs to agree with in order to be on the app that basically says you will not be a discriminatory person, you believe everybody has the right to be themselves, you will be a safe driver and/or rider.” Ridl says.

The app is designed for everyone, with drivers able to drive you pretty much wherever you need to go throughout the state.

They have pet-friendly options and a safety feature, if passengers happen to feel in danger.

One driver for the company says, it’s a much more comfortable setting for the passengers he’s picked up.

“The folks that I picked up here have been just, you know, they’re themselves they, you know, they’re not worried about, you know, what is someone going to say if you know, they’re, you know, with their partner or you know, it’s just been, it’s almost like friends picking up friends.” Geoffrey Vitrano, a driver for the company adds.

A portion of every fare goes to the LGBTQ Community Center and to local animal shelters.

Launching just four months ago, they’re spreading the business to multiple other states throughout the country.

“Florida, Georgia and Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado. I don’t know if I mentioned Oklahoma.” Co-founder Robert Taylor says.

LGBTQ+ ride not only helps out passengers, but it helps out with drivers, giving them a chance to make a career out of driving.

“Gives the drivers an actual really good income to have families, to enjoy life. We’re here to share the wealth to let them have a successful trip and a successful form of income.” Taylor and Ridl add.

LGBTQ+ ride is open to everyone, just download the app on either the App store or on the Google Play store, to sign up as a passenger or a driver for the company.

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