‘Espresso Self’ Looks To Add More Positivity Into The City Of Desert Hot Springs

Tiani Jadulang

A new cafe has made its way to the desert, it goes by the name Espresso Self.

This new cafe hopes to offer a place for locals and visitors to connect, choosing to open in Desert Hot Springs for its small town feel.

“Well, we love coffee.” Stephanie Wright and Andrea Buie, Co-owners of Espresso Self say.

The business idea came just a few years ago for Wright and Buie, the two drew inspiration from other local businesses in the area.

“About three years ago, my sister in law, who recently passed away, put the bug in my ear to have my own small business and to you know, start rising and she was the owner of the 420 Oasis. So she’s very inspirational. She put the bug in my ear and I just decided to give it a shot.” Wright adds.

The two work as a team, Wright on the business end and Buie on the coffee making end with over ten years of experience in the barista business, offering customers coffee, tea, matcha, small foods, and more.

 “We really feel that the community needed a healthier alternative and just a kinder, unbiased alternative, but we just love our community and there’s just opportunity here.” the two add.

Their goal is to bring the community something they love, locally.

“Just trying to ensure that somebody, they have an alternative, you know, something that they can actually stand by and we’re trying to stand by them as much as we can hear them out and get them involved in our process.” Wright adds.

Overall, they hope to add more positivity into the City of Desert Hot Springs.

“We’re hoping to expand and grow and just have a more positive influence on our community and Desert Hot Springs. I just hope for them to walk in and have the exhale kind of feeling just have a load taken off of them and just you know, take a minute for themselves and to treat themselves to something you know high quality.” Wright and Buie say.

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