Animal Rehab Teams Asking For Help in ‘Hoarding’ Situation

Pristine Villarreal

In Desert Hot Springs, local animal groups are dealing with an emergency of their own.

A hoarding issue, that’s left dozens of cats in a critical situation.

Neighbors first noticed the Desert Hot Springs property two days ago,  what they originally thought might’ve been a vacant property, with over 15 cats and a dog roaming the area.

Neighbors and local animal rehab teams are calling this a ‘hoarding situation.’

After rescuing a handful of kittens from this property, neighbors tell me they believe the individual who was caring for these animals was unfit to fix and properly care for them.

“There’s like 15 over 15 I pulled the mother that afternoon a young mama delivered five babies.” a neighbor helping rescue these animals says.

After hearing about the situation, Feathers ‘N Fur, a non-profit rescue and rehab group stepped in, taking in a handful of cats.

Now all teams involved are asking for help, helping rescuing these kittens, feeding, and donating to teams now taking care of these animals.

“I need folks that are willing to take a cat that might be 13 years old. That might be, you know, a year old. I need folks that are not going to be specific about age because all these kitties need a home and the dog needs a home.” Cristina adds.

One neighbor helping assist animal rescuers believes there are still at least a dozen cats still on the property, with no food and no care.

“They deserve a second chance. We failed them and they need to be helped. You know people have failed these kitties and they’re so lovable they’re so sweet.” one neighbor says.

Now, both neighbors like Cristina and Feathers ‘N Fur are asking for assistance from both neighbors and other animal rescue teams as they continue to save these animals.

“The kittens need formula and the mom’s actually drinking a lot of formula and I like to use the liquid kitten milk replacer so we could use that and they’re going through a lot of canned food. Evidently these cats were not being fed, and so they’re eating a lot of the canned food.” Connie Lantzy, the founder of Feathers ‘N Fur says.

To donate to Feathers ‘N Fur you can head to their Facebook or Instagram page.

Facebook and Instagram: @fnfrescue

Venmo: @connie-lantzy, last four digits of Lantzy’s phone number are 2544.

To help assist Cristina please contact her through the social platforms below.

Instagram: everyleafspeaks

Venmo: @everyleafspeaks #9171

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