Local Law Enforcement Advises Drivers To Stay Off Roads In Rainy Conditions

Tiani Jadulang

When we see rain here in the Coachella Valley, it’s only a matter of time until major problem areas start flooding.

With flooding, comes a concern from many residents about their own safety.

To help prevent this, public safety officers are offering advice for residents on how to avoid any trouble or unnecessary issues that this rain could cause for those on the road.

“If it’s raining, slow down, if it’s raining, pay attention. If there’s road closures and signs that are up there, you need to pay attention to those signs.” Benjamin Guitron, the Public Information Officer for the Indio Police Department says.

With wet and rainy conditions, it’s a natural tendency for drivers to slow down to avoid gliding on the roads, or splashing water onto other cars.

The Indio Police Department says driving in these conditions is all about using your best judgment when it comes to safety, “Plan your route, if you know that you have work tomorrow, or you have commitments, if some things can’t be rescheduled or why not try to just avoid being off the road if something can’t be postponed.” Guitron adds.

On the other end of the valley, the City of Palm Springs released media alerts giving residents advice on what to do and not to do in these conditions, including staying away from flooded areas and barricades.

They also suggest moving to higher ground if residents happen to find themselves in a flooded space.

Some residents I spoke to say they’re following those tips to best avoid any trouble.

“Avoiding the puddles on the roads, try not to hydroplane and avoiding the oil that goes over on the curb, like on the overtures of the roads. That’s why I stay in the middle. I always to look at, usually, my traffic app to see what roads are usually kind of taken up or red and like try to avoid those roads.” Johnny, a Palm Desert resident says.

Indio Police Department notes that drivers should stay up to date and ensure key essentials like their vehicle’s windshield wipers and signals are working in times like these.

“At the end of the day, drive safe, make a good decision and if you are going to be out there. Remember, just because the speed limit says this, you still have the responsibility as a driver to drive at a speed that’s safe based on those current conditions.” Guitron adds.

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